Seattle's Hard Garden trio is so adept at connecting Mississippi blues vocals, harmonicas and guitars to contemporary electronic music that all 10 original songs on their first album warrant repeated listening. And their liberal makeover of Son House’s cotton-field work song, “Depot Blues,” the only non-original is a small wonder. The Gardeners honor blues tradition at the same time they wryly overhaul it
This is really amazing stuff and I commend Hard Garden for taking the chance and making this very creative album. Thoroughly Enjoyed and Highly Recommended.
An interesting mix of Delta Blues with grunge, electronic atmospheres and lo-fi feel. This deserves attention and listening with an open mind towards the future, because this writer believes the blues can give so much more to modern music, but only if does not remain anchored to its past
Boom! right out the gate the groove just kills; I love, love, love, it - can you say Achtung Baby of the blues!? Stellar production values deliver carefully-crafted tracks that will give the listener little gems to discover anew with each listen

La Hora Del Blues

The Hard Garden can boast about an album including ingenious daring songs that, in many cases, show a simple but evident network of a multicultural sound fusion